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WTCF! nominated for NZ Podcast Award 2022

We're still giddy at the news that What The CF! A Cystic Fibrosis Podcast is nominated for a NZ Podcast Award in the Best Family Podcast category!!

It's amazing to be in such good company and wonderful that a little podcast about the painful journey of receiving a CF diagnosis for your child is getting this recognition.

Look, we're not kidding ourselves that we have a chance of winning against the big dogs but it's a real pat on the back to get our name up there. Thanks to all of you who have listened, commented, shared and sent us messages over the last few years. It's kept me motivated to create more shows for our community.

We are also eligible for the Listeners Choice award so if you feel inclined please go and vote for us here and write:

Name of Podcast: What The CF!

Link to Podcast: paste this listen link

Thanks again and we look forward to sharing new eps with you all soon. Have a happy, safe and healthy Christmas and New Year.

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