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Pharmac announce they will fund TRIKAFTA from April 2023

Today is a happy day for our CF community here in New Zealand.

This evening it was confirmed that Pharmac would fund TRIKAFTA for people with Cystic Fibrosis aged six years and over.

The news broke after two years of campaigning by our CF community to get this miracle drug funded here in New Zealand.

Earlier this year we spoke to Edward Lee (Episode 7: TRIKAFTA), a 40-year-old PWCF living in Wellington. He has self-funded Trikafta for over two years. He said,

“Today's news that Trikafta could be funded from April 2023 means that the days of hospital admissions, antibiotics and lung transplants could be a thing of the past. It means that people living with CF are now able to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations as they will have a further 27 years added to their lives.”

We can't wait to hear how life-changing this will be for so many in our community. This is truly the best Christmas present we could've wished for.

Enjoy your celebrations tonight. We deserve it!!!

There will be requirements to gaining access to Trikafta so please visit or for full details.

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