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Episode 15: BELLA POWELL

Ingrid sits down with Bella Powell, a young woman with CF who was the first in New Zealand to get Trikafta thanks to the late Sir Bob Elliott – who gave her this gift of life during his final months by funding the drug for her.

Following on from our last episode with Patrick Gower who broke the Trikafta story here in NZ, Bella shares her side of the story – her childhood in hospital, facing declining health in her teens and then becoming the face of the CF awareness and Trikafta campaign in New Zealand, to her journey working in some of the biggest and best theatrical productions in Australia.

I can not thank Bella enough for her honesty in what is an often difficult conversation that brings back lots of memories, both good and bad. What comes through loud and clear is her love and admiration for Sir Bob and all that he has given her. She articulates it all with poise, authenticity and positivity. Thank you Bella xx

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